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We offer a magnitude of event packages and tailor-made services in order to, in the best possible way, reach out to the students. These pages allows you to get an overview of the most popular services and events, as well as the purpose of them.


We offer a huge variety of services and events. Some of the organised entirely by the us, such as lunchföreläsningar, while other events may be co-ordinated with a number of other student organizations, such as sporting events, dinners, etc., Here are a few of our pre-made packages.

Lunch seminar

Capture the students in their natural habitat – the lecture hall! During a lunch seminar, you have the opportunity to provide the students with an insight into who you are, what your company does and why you are a unique employer. Lunch seminars are a very popular event, where students are looking forward to discovering you and learn more about you buisness.

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Company Pub

Meet the students during their favourite After School activity- the pub! During a company pub, you have the opportunity to introduce your company and, in particular, mingle with the students! We recommend bringing some engineers which our engineering students can talk with and get inspired by. Additionally, you could add competitions, case-solving, team activities, help with their professional profile and more!

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Get a chance be seen by the student division! Marketing is extremly customizable. An advert that goes out on our social media channels, i.e., LinkedIn, FaceBook, Instagram, and closed student groups on Facebook will reach more than 500 people. Students as well as almunus. Add an additional small fee and you get printed posters in all of our section premises and on our news boards targeting electrical and medical engineering students. 

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Sports event

Students who do hobbies with a company remeber the company positively. So don't miss out on the opportunity to collaborate with our sports association, E-Sport, and us in ARME to create an event that feels like working out with a friend. Challenge our student, and perhaps some co-workers, in Paintball, Volleyball or a Yoga class! Your fantasy is the limit!

Evening event

Hold a tailor-made evening event with our students. Beer tasting, hackathon, or a ladies dinner are examples of more unique events that the students love and gives you close interaction with our students.



Create focus on your business by handing out cool merchandise! Calculators, lunch boxes, or literature with its own branding are just a few examples of marketing that have been successful and very appriciated by the students.


Against many people's expectations, differences between the two programs are slim. Medical engingeering, that is a more specialized field in Electrical engineering. Therefore, all students basically studies the same things, but some with a medical perspective coming to examples and applications. They both can with the right individual choices, choose almost exactly the same masters.


Furthermore, medical engineering, which is a new program since 2020, has contributed to the strong growth of students as well as a more gender-balanced student division. 


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 Electrical engineering and Medical engineering, two completely different programs?

No, not really! In the student division study approximately 500 students. They are studying the first three years in two seperated programs, electrical and medical engineering. However, both are largely similar to each other. Both of these programs are built on a foundation of mathematics, physics, electronics, and durability. Since the bachelor-years are so similar this enables medical engineering students to study an electrical engineering master's program, and the other way around. Students are also studying and hanging out togehter no matter of which program one is studying. A couple of the courses, and their approach, is what differs the programs appart. The medical engineering students' work is more project-based, electrical engineering students' deepen their knowledge in the electrical engineering field and the medical engineering students applies their knowledge in the field of machines helping in medicine. It is common for students to change between the two baachelor-programs, and the master, who is more connected to the other bachelor-program. A rewarding opportunity that is given due to the programs being so alike.