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We offer you a large selection of services for your buisness. We can provide standard solutions or customized the events, based on your goals and ambitions. With a student network of more than 500 people, and plenty of driven student associations, we can help you meet several of your PR and recruitment goals.

Our goal:To help you be successful in your communication with our student.

Lunch seminar

Capture the students in their natural habitat – the lecture hall! During a lunch seminar, you have the opportunity to provide the students with an insight into who you are, what your company does and why you are a unique employer. Lunch seminars are a very popular event, where students are looking forward to discovering you and learn more about you buisness.

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Company Pub

Meet the students during their favourite After School activity- the pub! During a company pub, you have the opportunity to introduce your company and, in particular, mingle with the students! We recommend bringing some engineers which our engineering students can talk with and get inspired by. Additionally, you could add competitions, case-solving, team activities, help with their professional profile and more!

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Get a chance be seen by the student division! Marketing is extremly customizable. An advert that goes out on our social media channels, i.e., LinkedIn, FaceBook, Instagram, and closed student groups on Facebook will reach more than 500 people. Students as well as almunus. Add an additional small fee and you get printed posters in all of our section premises and on our news boards targeting electrical and medical engineering students. 

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For students

The electrical engineering student division is constantly growing. Better again, it is becoming ever more relevant in today's job market. The section is made up of hundreds of students, with wide-ranging skills and a wide range of options. Furthermore, there are a lot of driven student associations, open to cooperate with business, in all from company dinners to sports events.

  • Gender distribution - 35% women


Eligible Master's Programmes

New students per year

Student associations

For students

For you, the student, we offer a wide variety of important information, our own master thesis portal, summer jobs adverts, scholarships, and details for you who are an exchange student and have the goal to work and stay in Sweden after your studies.

Today, there are hundreds of companies, just for you, to get in touch with, via any of our events or trade fairs that pop up during the course of the year. In the calendar, you can even see which upcoming events with our partners that is available to you as a student at Chalmers. We are also constantly striving to improve our job portal with employment and summer job possibilities .

Unique business a year

Via ARME-events, DatE-IT, CHARM, etc.


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