Marketing Team

Medical & Electrical Engineering
at Chalmers Tekniska Högskola

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    Establishing contact between companies and students

    Our mission is to promote contact between students and companies in a multitude of different ways. By arranging events together with companies, they are given the opportunity to promote themselves while also giving students the opportunity to establish contacts, apply for jobs or get educational guidance during their time at Chalmers by learning about the job market.


    DatE-IT is a job fair aimed towards students studying the fields of computer engineering, electrical engineering, and information technology. The fair is, therefore, a great opportunity for students and companies in these fields to meet and network.

    Join ARME


    Are you a dedicated student with many ideas that you wish to accomplish? Would you like to expand your professional network beyond the borders of Chalmers but also within the campus? Do you want to practice your communication skills and learn how to work as a team? Then you should join ARME! As ARME, you are given a solid platform with many opportunities to develop the idea that feels most interesting to you.